• Bonded Internet Connections

    Bond ADSL, FTTC, EFM and Leased Lines to form a single connection that delivers the speed and reliability you need.

    The only Bonded Connection with QoS and Compression.

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Bonded ADSL 2+ Next Generation Bonded Internet

Bonded ADSL 2+ links are a perfect solution for businesses that rely on their connectivity but would rather not commit to expensive leased lines.

All our bonded ADSL 2+ solutions offer truly bonded connectivity (not just load balanced) with resilience and instant adaptive failover. Experience superfast download capacities by bonding multiple ADSL 2+ links together to create a single data stream to the internet.

QoS and Compression Enabled

Normally customers will have to buy an expensive leased line to be able to benefit from any form of QoS. But due to our own advanced bonding hardware, CIM-VCF are able to offer true QoS over our bonded ADSL 2+ connections.

  • Bespoke Traffic Prioritisation
  • Full Bandwidth Usage
  • Reduced Packet Loss
  • Improved Live Data Quality
  • Enhanced User Experience

We can also make the most out of the available bandwidth by compressing as much traffic through your connection as possible without damaging how it is delivered to you.
With added QoS, your connection can remain bespoke to you as our hardware has the ability to prioritise the traffic you want prioritising.

So whether that be VoIP, remote desktop or video streaming we can squeeze as much traffic through, prioritised to suit you, to make sure the right packets are delivered to the right destination at the right time.

Fully Managed Hardware

By routing all data through a local edge bonding device via a private cloud to our high availability central bonding cluster, CIM-VCF bonded ADSL 2+ solutions look and behave as a single connection €“ both to local users and traffic sources non the Internet.

Private Contention Free Network

Because of our specialised private, contention free network, CIM-VCF deliver bonded ADSL 2+ solutions that are a viable alternative to that expensive leased line.

With higher download capacity, enhanced upload capability and fast delivery timescales, your business could be benefiting from bonded ADSL 2+ in as little as 15 days.

All our bonded ADSL 2+ come with our money back 99.9% Service Level Agreement and fully managed hardware.  All bonded ADSL2+ customers also benefit from the industry€™s only advanced monitoring platform eView Live.

Advanced Network Monitoring: eView Live

Our unique online control panel gives you access to live throughput speeds, historical usage, all updated in real time.  eView Live is your window into our advanced diagnostic and monitoring systems which are constantly checking your bonded ADSL2+ connections and performing diagnostic tasks.

Find out more about bonded ADSL 2+ with eView Live from CIM-VCF, call 01603 813787 and speak to an expert.

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