• Bonded Internet Connections

    Bond ADSL, FTTC, EFM and Leased Lines to form a single connection that delivers the speed and reliability you need.

    The only Bonded Connection with QoS and Compression.

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Bonded EFM – Bonded Ethernet in the First Mile

EFM, or Ethernet in the First Mile, is a technology that is slowly becoming more widespread around the UK and we bond it to provide Bonded EFM connections. EFM is the natural successor to SDSL and copper based Ethernet Leased Lines because it provides synchronous upload and download.

We can bond anything, and have been bonding different circuits together since the company was founded. Our then flagship bonded SDSL and ADSL product still gives superior upload and download connectivity to customers nationwide, allowing much greater resilience and speed.

Bonded EFM Business Internet Connections

Taking an EFM service from TalkTalk or BT, we can create a bonded internet connection using ADSL2+ or FTTC, or even Ethernet to give you a tailored business internet connection.

Your business may need increased upload for cloud-based services and large file transfers, but still want a hefty download speed for regular browsing and receiving large email attachments.

An EFM on it’s own may only give you 10 or 20mbps download, so by taking one of these and bonding it with 2 or 3 ADSL2+ lines, you can utilise the download from the ADSL 2+ lines and superior upload from the EFM, all in one bonded internet connection.

In fact, all our bonded internet connections utilise all the available bandwidth, not just the slowest speed across all lines.

Quality of Service (QoS) – VoIP Calls That Just Work

Our Bonded EFM connections can all be QoS-enabled to make sure that time-sensitive traffic like Voice Calls (VoIP) don’t stutter, drop or start sounding robotic.

    QoS Over Bonded EFM

  • Bonded EFM and ADSL 2+
  • Per Packet Prioritisation
  • No More Dodgy VoIP Calls
  • Full Bandwidth Usage
  • Resilience and QoS

What this means is that you don’t have to have a separate circuit just for your VoIP. You can use a bonded EFM connection to run all your normal internet traffic like web browsing, email and big file downloads, all while seamlessly making VoIP calls.

That way you will get the full use of all of your bandwidth, and the right packets will be prioritised in real-time, through the bonded connection. No more worrying that the calls might get crackly when you have a bonded EFM connection with built in QoS.

Fully Managed and Monitored

All our bonded internet connections are fully managed by our UK engineers. All you need to do is configure your network firewall (or come to us for a fully managed Cisco). All the endpoint routers and the bonded internet gateway itself are managed by our support staff and monitored by our advanced network monitoring and analytics platform eView Live.

Use eView Live to check the live status of your bonded EFM connection at any time of day and on any device, so you can be sure your network is running smoothly and with enough bandwidth to run your business effectively.

Quick Lead Times

EFM circuits are quicker to install than expensive leased lines, and when bonding EFM with ADSL, we can get the ADSL lines in first, so you have your new connection up and running as soon as possible, in as little as 5 days.

You can then configure your firewall and network to use the new bonded EFM connection even though the EFM isn’t live yet. As soon as it’s installed, it will seamlessly add it’s bandwidth to the bonded internet connection without any further configuration or downtime.

Your IP address won’t change, so you get the smoothest transition imaginable.

Better Than Failover

Why have an ADSL backup line that you never use until there is a problem with the EFM?

With a bonded EFM connection from CIM-VCF, you can utilise the bandwidth of all the lines, and know that the failover will still work regardless of which circuit has a problem.

Don’t waste your failover bandwidth – bond the circuits together and use all the available bandwidth in one business internet connection.

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