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    Bond ADSL, FTTC, EFM and Leased Lines to form a single connection that delivers the speed and reliability you need.

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Bonded Ethernet and Bonded Leased Lines

The industry has a number of names for what are essentially Ethernet circuits; fixed links, normally based on optic fibre direct to the premises, and often called Leased Lines.

Our unique private UK network has been set up so that any type of circuit can be bonded in order to increase bandwidth and ensure greater resilience for your internet and WAN connections.

How Does Bonded Ethernet Work?

Bonded Ethernet connections from CIM-VCF involve taking an Ethernet circuit from one of the major providers such as BT, TalkTalk, Virgin etc. and bonding it with another type of circuit. This could be FTTC, EFM or ADSL 2+ and the Bonded Internet Gateway will seamlessly create one robust bonded internet connection to your LAN.

By creating a bonded internet connection using multiple circuit types, we are ensuring maximum uptime for your business internet connection. If the Ethernet circuit drops or has an issue, your data will transparently continue to pass over the other remaining circuits of the bonded connection.

If those circuits also come from different providers, we are able to again reduce the risk of going offline by a huge amount. The chances of both Virgin and BT, for example, both having core network or routing issues simultaneously are very slim. This means your internet connection stays up and running even during a major service outage of a major carrier.

You Can Still Prioritise VoIP and Remote Desktop with QoS

Some companies will buy Ethernet circuits because they need to make the jump to a VoIP system with SIP trunks. Well, you don’t need to have EFM or Ethernet to have VoIP calls working on your internet connection – as you long as you have the bandwidth you need, and the resilience, we can provide a bonded internet connection which will prioritise your voice calls.

  • Real-time Prioritisation
  • VoIP and SIP Ready
  • No Extra Hardware
  • Cost Effective
  • No Need For Dedicated Circuits

By employing Quality of Service (QoS) over the entire bonded internet connection, and not just the Ethernet circuit, we can ensure that no matter what you do on your CIM-VCF internet connection, your voice calls will still be maintained at high quality.

Download huge files, serve a website from your office, send big emails – none of it will impact your VoIP calls – it will all work with our QoS Bonded Ethernet.

Much Shorter Lead Times

One of the advantages of bonding Ethernet with a circuit like ADSL is that the ADSL (or EFM, FTTC etc.) can be installed in a matter of days. You will be supplied with your bonded internet gateway and managed router so that within just 15 working days (or less if you already have a PSTN line) you can be up and running on your new public IP range.

Then, when the longer lead time of the Ethernet circuit is up (typically 90 days), all you will need to do is plug it into the back of the bonded internet gateway on the day it goes live, and the extra bandwidth will just appear.

No changing of your IPs, no extra configurations, and no reboots.

You will already have configured your firewall and network systems when the first connection went live, so going live with your fully bonded Ethernet connection is a breeze.

Track Your Usage With eView Live

Always know how your bonded ethernet connection is performing by using eView Live whenever you need to. Accessible from any internet connection, including on mobiles and smartphones, you can see your bonded internet connection in realtime, and see exactly when your peak times are to plan around them.

Know confidently when to plan for a bandwidth upgrade by basing your decision on factual information gathered through eView Live.

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