• Bonded Internet Connections

    Bond ADSL, FTTC, EFM and Leased Lines to form a single connection that delivers the speed and reliability you need.

    The only Bonded Connection with QoS and Compression.

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Bonded FTTC – Bonded Fibre to the Cabinet

Also known as BT Infinity, FTTC, or Fibre to the Cabinet, is BT’s latest superfast broadband product currently being rolled out across the country.

Faster Upload And Download With Bonded FTTC

The new FTTC circuits as based on BT rolling out fibre optic lines between their telephone exchanges and the little green cabinets in your street where your lines connect.

This means that instead of using the slower copper lines all the way to the exchange, you only have to use copper to get to your green cabinet, greatly increasing both upload and download speeds compared to ADSL and ADSL 2+

We bond FTTC lines together to give even faster internet speeds, and increase the resiliency of your connection.

QoS for VoIP & Remote Desktop over Bonded FTTC

Bonded FTTC connections from CIM-VCF come complete with Quality of Service (QoS) as standard.  This means that your bonded FTTC service is supplied fully VoIP ready, able to prioritise your critical data.

  • Delivered with QoS
  • Prioritise VoIP Data
  • Fully VoIP Ready
  • Intelligent Network Management
  • QoS SIP Trunks to PSTN

Whatever your critical data is, VoIP, remote desktop or even the ability to FTP large files without crippling your local internet connection, bonded FTTC solutions from CIM-VCF have the intelligence and capacity to prioritise & manage your data all the way through our network.

Why Rely On A Single Line?

Your business can’t afford long internet outages, or to be on the phone with your ISP trying to get status updates and fix faults.

We believe that no business-grade internet connection should comprise of only one line, which is why we provide bonded internet connections. Your business deserves better, so if you want to avoid unnecessary downtime, bond multiple FTTC links together, and add ADSL 2+ for that extra peace of mind.

Lines rarely go down all at once, so you are protected from the normal every day resyncs of broadband lines (yes, FTTC still does this as it’s actually still a form of ADSL).

If you bond FTTC with ADSL 2+, then you are also avoiding large Major Service Outages which affect all the FTTC equipment at the exchange or cabinet.

Our bonded FTTC and ADSL 2+ customers regularly get saved from unnecessary downtime, even if it’s just for a few minutes while BT Openreach fix an FTTC fault in their area

Lots Of Bandwidth Now – What About The Future?

FTTC may look like more than enough bandwidth for your business to run but even if you think that a single FTTC link will cope with your bandwidth requirements now, what about the future?

By having a bonded FTTC connection you are ensuring that you cope with unplanned downtime on one of your circuits, and that you have enough bandwidth to cope with sudden business changes.

You can also be assured that whatever connection you have with CIM-VCF, you can upgrade with more and more lines and faster and faster technologies.

So you won’t have to suffer the pain of changing ISPs when you need more bandwidth, as you can simply add further lines to your bonded internet connection without changing any settings on your firewall or network.

Future Proof – Bonded ADSL Now, Bonded FTTC Later

Don’t wait for FTTC to be enabled in your local area – upgrade to a bonded ADSL connection now, and then when FTTC is installed you’ll get it for free!

Benefit from Incredible Support, and a network that’s uncontended and uncapped, while you wait for FTTC to come to your street. When it’s available to order we’ll perform the upgrade free of charge and let you know when it’s coming.

If you still need more bandwidth, then let us know and we can install more FTTC lines into your bonded internet connection!

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