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eView Live

eView Live is the most advanced monitoring platform in the industry.  Developed and controlled entirely in house, eView Live is a bespoke tool that sits at the very heart of the CIM-VCF suite of bonded internet services.

Your choice of bonded ADSL partner is an important one.

We believe that the investment you make in resilient, bonded internet connection should be the last connectivity decision you make €“ that your internet connection should deliver you exceptional service, and that it should Evolve to ensure that you are always operating on the highest capacity and most resilient internet connection available.

eView Live is always there, in the background, monitoring your bonded ADSL connection.  Delivering real time throughput stats to you 24/7, informing our engineers of even the slightest drop in critical health metrics multiple times each day.

Perhaps your business in growing, changing.  eView Live will tell us when, and how your bonded ADSL connection needs to be upscaled.  Perhaps adding another bonded ADSL circuit, perhaps bonding an EFM circuit into the mix€¦

Perhaps we can be more intelligent with the management of your network traffic.  eView Live will flag this up and we can deliver QoS over bonded ADSL with full visibility, meaning we can test and develop intelligent network solutions to maximise the return on your bonded ADSL investment.

eView Live sits within our network and outside our network, delivering full situational awareness to us and our customers.  Don€™t buy a bonded ADSL solution that doesn€™t come with eView Live.

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