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    Frequently Asked Questions About Bonded ADSL

Do you offer SMTP relay facilities with your bonded ADSL solutions?

We have an advanced Microsoft mail platform which allows us to provision hosted Exchange mailboxes and regular POP3 and email forwarders. We concentrate on providing the best bonded ADSL solutions we can. We don't have relay facilities, but can discuss alternative solutions. Get in touch and we'll be happy to run through all your options to make sure you get the most out of your bonded ADSL link

Will my VPN still be able to work over a bonded ADSL link?

Yes it will. Your bonded ADSL link will be supplied with an edge bonding device. This will present a single Ethernet connection to the LAN. If you have a fiewall in place with existing policies, these will be unaffected by the bonded ADSL solution. All bonding is transparent to the network, bonded ADSL solutions from CIM-VCF offer truly bonded connectivity meaning your VPN will continue to operate over the bonded link.

Will bonding ADSL lines allow me to continue with FTP as normal?

Yes, there is absolutely no reason for FTP traffic to be restricted when bonding ADSL links. In fact, the increased upload capacity should deliver a significant improvement in FTP performance.

I run a proxy and webfilter server, will that cause any issues with your bonded ADSL solution?

No, the bonded ADSL connection will present a public IP range with a single routed IP as standard. CIM-VCF will provide you with our primary and secondary DNS server addresses. These will be setup on your firewall. You will need to make sure you update your internal DNS servers with these addresses. If you are using a proxy or filtering device, then it will just need to be configured to connect to your firewall in the normal way, and have the correct DNS information, either pointing to your internal DNS or directly to ours. As with all bonded ADSL solutions from CIM-VCF, our support staff will be on hand to assit with all set up issues.

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