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    Frequently Asked Questions About Bonded ADSL

Will you help me Project Manage the migration to my new bonded ADSL connection?

Absolutely, installing a bonded ADSL solution from CIM-VCF is straight forward and can be done with minimal fuss and downtime. We are the bonded ADSL experts, having delivered and installed hundreds of bonded ADSL connections with no, or minimal, downtime. Managing the smooth migration from your legacy internet connection to your new, high speed, bonded ADSL connection is important to us. This is our first chance to impress new customers, and we aim to exceed expectations every time. Whilst the migration to a bonded ADSL connection is straight forward, it is easy to get wrong if you dont know what you are doing. Thats why we have the highest skilled technical workforce in the industry. All of our Deployment Managers are highly experienced networking professionals, with the training, skills and motivation to make your migration to bonded ADSL with CIM-VCF a pleasant experience. From day one of the installation process of your bonded ADSL connection you will be kept fully informed of timelines and key project milestone. Our team are also highly skilled at asking the right questions, so that there are no nasty surprises as we move through the deployment process. We understand that moving your ISP is a big step, and that for a number of our new customers bonded ADSL is a new step entirely. Rest assured, when you work with CIM-VCF for bonded ADSL, you get a true partnership and this starts from day one.

Do you offer a channel or reseller bonded ADSL solution?

Yes we do. As a specialist provider of bonded ADSL solutions we know what we are doing, we know how to deliver bonded ADSL solutions to businesses and how to manage that relationship going forward. We currently partner with a number of organisations that resell our bonded ADSL offerings. Be it a simple referral, or a true €œwhite labelled€ relationship, our bonded ADSL platform can deliver either referral fees or ongoing revenue streams to our partners. If you are interested in our bonded ADSL partner programmes, get in touch and ask to speak to one of our channel business managers. We partner with IT service providers at every level, from the consultant looking to make a recommendation to their client, through to framework agreements with the largest IT services organisations in the world. Our partners all benefit from the same things €“ a bonded ADSL offering that is second to none, and the industry€™s most advanced monitoring and management platform. Our Partner Enterprise Management Portal delivers simplified ordering & communication processes but also gives our partners a crucial edge; the ability to offer proactive management to their customers. If you are looking to develop a recurring revenue stream through the provision of bonded ADSL services to your customers, you need to be very careful about your selection of bonded ADSL partner. CIM-VCF can demonstrate every combination of bonded ADSL, bonded SDSL and bonded ADSL and SDSL solutions €“ currently installed in live customer situations. But above this, our Partner Portal gives each partner the ability to monitor their customers€™ bonded ADSL links in real time. Offer your customers the same level of incredible support that CIM-VCF customers take for granted.

I have a big project coming up, can I temporarily increase the capacity of my bonded ADSL internet link?

Of course you can, adding more capacity to a bonded ADSL solution is very simple. As we apply a public IP range centrally and route this through the network, your static IP range is not tied to any of the individual ADSL links coming into your premises, but rather to the bonded ADSL link as a whole. This means that you get the benefit of true bonding, and seamless continuation in the event of a failure of a single link within the bonded set up, but also that adding more capacity couldn€™t be simpler. We would simply provision an additional ADSL link to your site and you will be able to plug this into your existing bonded ADSL solution and be up and running instantly with additional capacity. Your dedicated Account Manager and Technical contacts will be on hand to discuss the commercial and time constraints involved, as they are to discuss any elements of your bonded ADSL solution. As a partner rather than just an ISP we are there to support our customers when they need more capacity, and our bonded ADSL solutions are flexible to support your business.

What are the lead times for bonded ADSL?

If you have PSTN lines in place then we can usually provision a bonded broadband link within 15 days. If not, we can provide PSTN lines without adding substaintally to the project roll out schedules.

How much does bonded ADSL cost?

In order to get the best out of a bonded broadband service there are a number of factors to consider. How close to the exchange are you? What will the likely throughput speed be? What do you want to use the connection for? We are experts at asking the right questions and quickly tailoring a solution for the unique needs of each client.

How many links can you have in a bonded ADSL solution?

You can have as many as you need. Most customers have a combination of 2, 3 or 4 lines. We can actually bond more ADSL  than SDSL this, but in practice, after 4 lines, most customers benefit from some intelligent network management. For example, we could supply 12 bonded ADSL lines, and create 3 teams. Each of these teams can be dedicated to a particular application or service, and can even failover to a different team if necessary. You get the total throughput of bonding ADSL over 12 lines, but the efficiency of targeting teams of lines for specific tasks, rather than letting your network have a free for all. And remember that we can supply one device to bond and manage the whole lot. You still get one connection presented to your network, and one range of IPs. Even if you want to mix ADSL and SDSL for better upstream throughput, it will still all go through the same intelligent edge bonding device.

If there is only one bonding device delivered as part of my bonded ADSL solution, isn€™t that a single point of failure?

Our edge bonding devices have some nifty tricks to help reduce those single points of failure (SPOFs) and react in an emergency situation to make sure you still maintain a connection. By its nature, it is only one device, but it does employ 2 failover modes. The first is if the device loses power, or suffers another kind of hardware failure. In this instance, there is an automatic passthrough to one of the broadband connections. So, while you will not be getting full service, you will be getting a connection to the internet, which is what we are trying to maintain. The second feature is High Availability mode. We can supply you with two identical edge bonders and link them together so that one is active mode and the other is in standby mode, ready to kick in if necessary. This is an elimination of the single point of failure, but it's definitely worth noting that it's not always about having two of everything, as that can end up being costly, but it's about what happens when something does fail.

If CIM-VCF provide my bonded ADSL solution, do you become my ISP?

Yes, CIM-VCF is a business ISP that can provide you with bonded ADSL connections, bonded SDSL links, leased lines and MPLS, all through our UK-wide fast and resilient network. We also provide hosted Microsoft Exchange, load balanced website hosting, and a VMware cluster in our central datacentre where we can host servers for you for high availability and disaster recovery. Add to that our ability to create site to site and fully meshed VPNs across our private network and the internet, and you get a feel for the kinds of services we offer. We can even stream Microsoft Office direct to your desktop and backup your files online. With a strong UK network and dependable datacentre, we can provide you with everything you expect from a business ISP.

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