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    Frequently Asked Questions About Bonded ADSL

What kind of ping speeds (latency) will I get on my bonded ADSL connection?

Bonded ADSL lines from CIM-VCF offer low latency connections to the internet through the use of high powered core server clusters linked to a private network. This advanced bonding infrastructure means even when bonding 4 ADSL lines together, or delivering a bonded ADSL and SDSL solution, you will likely see under 50ms ping times to the internet, and most often around 20-30ms. Of course ping speeds are just as dependant on the speed and quality of the device and network you are pinging. If you have any concerns at all, our support team will be happy to perform a variety of latency & throughput tests using our dedicated bonded ADSL diagnostic platform and online monitoring services.

What is the failover time in the event of a line fault on one of the links in my bonded ADSL solution?

There is no failover time, and there is no drop in connectivity in the event of one of the links in your bonded ADSL solution developing a fault. There is no recalibration needed, no downtime and no interruption to any open sessions running over your bonded ADSL link. Bonded ADSL from CIM-VCF is trusted by the worlds largest and most demanding companies. In addition to speed, we understand that stability is crucial to our customers. Every bonded ADSL connection from CIM-VCF will continue to function seamlessly in the event of a line or router fault on any of the lines within the bonded solution. A fault on one or more of the links within your bonded ADSL solution will not cause your VPN or other sessions to drop. However, you can rest assured that our unique proactive monitoring infrastructure will alert us and an CIM-VCF engineer will be on the case immediately. The first you will know of a fault with your bonded ADSL solution is when we get in touch and tell you that we are working on it. Total peace of mind, this is bonded ADSL the way it should be, only from CIM-VCF.

Can I use bonded ADSL as an alternative to my point to point leased lines?

Yes, by deploying bonded ADSL solutions at multiple sites and creating secure tunnels through our private network, CIM-VCF are able to offer a very cost effective alternative to point to point leased lines. The private network delivery mechanism is a vital component of our bonded ADSL solutions. But it is this technical architecture that also allows us to offer very secure inter site connectivity solutions that take advantage of the speed and reliability built into our bonded ADSL offerings. By encrypting all data and routing through a private cloud total security is assured, and wilth multiple tails at all sites, bonded ADSL point to point solutions from CIM-VCF offer a flexible alternative to expensive leased line solutions.

How does bonded ADSL work?

There are a couple of different ways of providing bonded ADSL services. This issue can be a minefield and we recognise that there is a lot of information for businesses to sift through when looking at a potential connectivity solution and going through the process of choosing a bonded ADSL supplier. For the purposes of this question we will assume that we are only looking at truly bonded ADSL, rather than aggregated or load balanced ADSL. Load balancing will add resilience to your network and allow more concurrent sessions, and is a perfectly valid solution. CIM-VCF delivers a number of load balanced ADSL solutions, usually forming the central hub of a managed VPN or tele-worker solution. However, load balanced ADSL will not upload or download a large file any quicker, this is where you need bonded ADSL to deliver a connection that will improve the throughput of large files and act as a €œfat pipe solution€. As mentioned previously there are a number of ways of delivering a bonded ADSL solution. One of the earliest technologies was MLPPP, using Cisco kit on site working in harmony with Cisco in the BT core to provide bond ADSL links. The trouble with this is that BT is in the process of upgrading their network and removing the Cisco, meaning that bonded ADSL solutions using MLPPP stop working. For this reason, most MLPPP bonded ADSL providers moved to providing load balanced ADSL instead. CIM-VCF deliver bonded ADSL differently. Our ADSL links are tails into our private network, so we are able to take control of your traffic from the back of the exchange and route through our main London hosting centre to the internet on gigabit fibre links. The advantage of a private network delivery model like this is that we are able to manage the network traffic to ensure that your data packets both leave your local network and arrive at our data centre at the same time. This means that we are able to bond between the two points using a combination of on-site bonding device and resilient central core to deliver a truly bonded ADSL solution. This approach to bonded ADSL delivers to the customer a €œheavy duty€ business class solution. Our network is maintained a 1:1 contention and our internet access is not subject to the congestion so often seen on BTs network. This combination of private infrastructure and resilient central bonding infrastructure means that CIM-VCF are in control of each bonded ADSL solution and have engineered both contention and other network variables out of the equation as far as possible. We then add value to the proposition by delivering the industry€™s most advanced bonded ADSL management interface, allowing every customer to monitor the status and performance of their bonded links in real time. Usage stats are provided on a monthly basis, making capacity planning and optimisation of every bonded ADSL link part of the service. In short, there are a number of options available to users looking for a resilient bonded ADSL solution. Numerous providers are springing up with mass market or reseller bonded ADSL offerings, but bonded ADSL from CIM-VCF is a high quality bonded offering for organisations who really depend on their connectivity. The strength of our bonded ADSL solutions and exceptional level of service and transparency is why we are the bonded ADSL provider of choice to the defence sector and demanding public and private sector organisations throughout the UK.

I have been told that quad bonded ADSL (4xbonded ADSL lines) is not possible. Are you able to supply quad bonded ADSL solutions?

Yes we are. Historically there was a problem with bonding algorithms not being flexible or powerful enough to support quad bonded ADSL solutions. However, CIM-VCF are different. We have the most powerful bonding platform in the industry and have a background of supplying heavy duty bonded ADSL solutions to the most demanding users. We have a referenceable portfolio of users currently enjoying the benefits of quad bonded ADSL solutions for heavy lifting requirements. As the supplier of choice to the defence sector, our clients are the most demanding organisations in the marketplace. Our enterprise management portal allows us to back up our claims with complete transparency. Real time data on the status and throughput of every bonded ADSL link is available to every customer. Bonded ADSL from CIM-VCF is not just fast, robust and resilient but it allows each customer full situational awareness regarding network status and capacity. Bonded ADSL has evolved. But don€™t just take our word for it. Call us and we will show you live examples of customers currently using quad bonded ADSL solutions.

How many links can I add to my bonded ADSL connection?

We have tested more than 12 bonded ADSL links in a single connection. Our bonding platform has the capacity bond more ADSL connections, but we believe it is worth being intelligent about how the bandwidth is used when bonding a high number of links. There is a diminishing return when adding links 5,6,7 etc into a bonded ADSL solution, but there is absolutely no problem from a technical point of view. The important thing is that all available bandwidth is harnessed and put to good use, and that is the crucial factor we always consider when delivering a bonded ADSL link for a customer. The CIM-VCF Enterprise Management Portal is an important tool, one that delivers real time data on your bonded ADSL connection, as well as reporting on status, uptime and performance against SLA. However, the system can also be used to fine tune each bonded ADSL solution to ensure that it is operating at maximum efficiency. When you work with CIM-VCF you don€™t just get an ISP, you get a partner. We work with our clients to ensure that every bonded ADSL solution we provide is always operating at optimum levels, meaning that your capacity planning can be timely and accurate. This advanced situational awareness actually reduces the spend for most of our customers, as each bonded ADSL solution is always working at optimum levels, meaning no need to keep adding lines with very little benefit. The other advantage of having every bonded ADSL solution monitored through the Enterprise Management Portal is that we can demonstrate to all prospective customers live examples of bonded ADSL solutions currently in place. Don€™t take our word for it, see a bonded ADSL solution in place right now. If you want a bonded ADSL connection, whether 2,3 or 4 lines, ADSL, SDSL or a bonded combination of both, call CIM-VCF today.

How easy is it to upgrade my bonded ADSL link?

It couldn€™t be easier! It is always an issue, how many bonded links do you need and when is the right time to add more capacity to a bonded ADSL solution in order to increase throughput. At CIM-VCF we do everything we can to make both of these decisions as easy as possible for every client, and we do so in the same way as we do everything €“ with complete transparency. Firstly, we offer every prospective bonded ADSL customer an analysis of their existing ADSL connectivity. We can then predict very accurately what level of throughput will be possible on a bonded ADSL solution of 2, 3 or 4 bonded ADSL links. We can also make recommendations based on your current throughput over a period of a week, allowing you to make the right decision from day one. Once we have installed your bonded ADSL link, we will give you access to our Enterprise Management Portal, delivering you complete transparency 24 hours a day. You can then monitor not only uptime and status of your bonded ADSL solution, but real time throughput as well as total amount of data transferred. This industry leading level of visibility means that capacity planning couldn€™t be easier, you can see if and when you are hitting the throughput capacity on your bonded ADSL link and it is time to add more capacity. Of course, your Technical and Account Managers will be on hand at all times to make sure you are always getting the most out of your bonded ADSL solution.

Does your bonded ADSL solution rely on MLPPP Solution?

No. Our bonded internet solutions do not use MLPPP at all. Multi Link Point to Point Protocol (MLPPP) is a desupported protocol in the UK. Originally developed under the name RFC 1717, MLPPP must be supported by infrastructure provider (in the UK this means BT for bonded DSL solutions). BT has withdrawn support for MLPPP meaning that it cannot be offered with any degree of certainty by UK providers. ISPs that were previously offering bonded internet solutions using MLPPP typically now only offer load balanced soluitions. Our bonding infrastructure does not rely on BT or anyone else's network to support it. We offer either load balanced or truly bonded internet solutions

Do I need a load balanced or bonded ADSL internet connection?

This depends on your needs. We recognise that each company will have a unique set of requirements. All of our solutions are delivered via a private UK wide backbone and come with static IP addresses. Typically we specialise in the provision of truly bonded internet links. This means that by bonding multiple links together very fast throughput speeds can be achieved. Truly bonding ADSL links in this way means that large files can be sent and received very quickly either to or from the internet or site to site. If you need to send a large volume of small packets of data, it may be better for you to load balance multiple links. Again, load balanced internet solutions are delivered through our private network and present a single Ethernet link to your LAN. The key with load balanced internet solutions is that the measurable throughput of the load balanced link is only speed of one of the lines. Load balanced links are very useful as central points of large teleworker VPN solutions or other network configurations that require the sending / receiving of high volumes of small data files.

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