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    Frequently Asked Questions About Bonded ADSL

Is the CIM-VCF bonded ADSL solution rack mountable?

The routers that we send out preconfigured are not rack mountable, but  will sit on a shelf in a rack.  The bonding device that will be sent out  as part of your fully managed bonded broadband service will also sit on  a shelf in a rack or is rack mountable, through use of a rack mount  kit.

What equipment do I need on site for my bonded ADSL link? What will CIM-VCF provide?

When you order a bonded ADSL solution from CIM-VCF, you get all the equipment you need. We will supply a DSL modem/router for each ADSL and SDSL line. They get plugged into the data port of the line (or on the DSL line filter) just like any other DSL broadband connection. You will also get an Edge Bonder which will sit in front of all of the lines, and act as the single point on your network, aggregating all of the bandwidth together. Each modem/router is connected to the Edge Bonder, which then presents a connection to your network for to do with whatever you would like. Our client Edge Bonder does not block or filter any ports or traffic and will present a single unmetered, unfiltered connection to your network. It will, as standard, use a routed /30 public IP range, taking one IP itself, and present the IP back to whatever device you wish to use as a firewall. We do not supply a managed firewall as standard unless as part of an IPSEC multi-site VPN solution. You are free to use any firewall you like, and configure it as necessary. This is why we do not block or filter any traffic or ports. The Edge Bonder has only 1 RJ45 fast Ethernet port to present to your network, although this can easily be connected to a switch, giving you as many as you need. Note that we can supply multiple Edge Bonders to work in high availability mode. If one were to die, then the other would automatically kick in and take over. We can also assign a bigger IP range if necessary. Speak to one of our bonded broadband specialists and will tailor a solution to fit your company's needs.

Will a bonded broadband solution work with my existing firewall?

Absolutely. A bonded broadband solution from CIM-VCF delivers a single Ethernet presentation to your LAN. The edge bonding device plugs into your firewall and all bonding is transparent to the network. Your firewall only sees a single link to the internet. Our bonded broadband solutions pose no problems for your existing infrastructure.

How does a bonded broadband solution present itself to the LAN?

Your bonded broadband solution from CIM-VCF gives you a single Ethernet presentation to the LAN. You are supplied with an edge bonding device and a managed router per line. In order to activate your bonded broadband solution you simply plug your managed routers into the edge bonding device which gives you a single connection to the LAN.

How easy is it to install a bonded ADSL solution?

Very easy! When you sign up for a bonded ADSL solution from CIM-VCF you are working with the professionals. We will send you preconfigured kit, boxed and labelled, with a bonded ADSL self installation guide. Of course, our UK based team are on the end of the phone if there are any problems, but installation of your CIM-VCF bonded ADSL solution really is very easy. When you install your solution you will be able to take advantage of our industry leading bonded ADSL management interface, our Enterprise Management Portal. This is a key tool for monitoring and performance management of your bonded ADSL solution and you will see the benefits immediately, as the portal verifies your connection and automatically confirms your installation as complete.

Will the ADSL training period affect my bonded ADSL solution?

ADSL 2 is a rate adaptive service, meaning that the ADSL line will self optimise once installed and settle at its optimum rate. This €œtraining period€ happens over the first ten days that the ADSL is delivered, and synced through a router. Within this training period the ADSL is live and can be used, although the throughput can vary as it settles at a stable rate. When dealing with a bonded ADSL solution, obviously these variations will affect the overall throughput speed of the bonded link. However there is no reason why the bonded ADSL solution cannot be used throughout this training period. The installation process that CIM-VCF will guide you through as a new customer will culminate in the successful installation and testing of your new bonded ADSL link. This final testing will happen at the end of the training period. However, your bonded ADSL link will be available for you to use from the day of delivery of the ADSL service and the vast majority of new clients plug their bonded ADSL solution in immediately. This approach means you can start to take advantage of the benefits of increased speed and reliability delivered through bonded ADSL straight away, and the ADSL training period very rarely causes an issue.

Do I need to take special care of the kit you supply for my bonded ADSL link?

We retain ownership of all the preconfigured kit that we supply to every bonded ADSL customer. Obviously this means that we expect our customers to take good care of it, but we will remotely diagnose, fix and replace kit where necessary at no charge to our customers. Our unique monitoring platform is constantly checking and verifying the health of our network and all bonded ADSL CPE on each customer site, so chances are we will see a problem coming before it become a problem. There are, however, some basic precautions you can take that will help you to get the most out of your bonded ADSL solution. Obviously make sure that your kit is in a secure location, out of the way and with all wires secure and tidy. Other than this, it is strongly advised that you do not stack your routers on top of each other as they generate heat and this will magnify the effect and could cause damage to the routers meaning they would need to be replaced. Common sense is all that is needed, the kit supplied with our bonded ADSL solutions will be fine on a shelf in a rack, or out of the way next to your firewall. If you have any questions of course, your CIM-VCF technical contact or Account Manager will be on hand to help.

What type of firewall do I need for my bonded ADSL solution?

It€™s entirely up to you! Any firewall will work with a bonded ADSL solution from CIM-VCF. We deliver every bonded ADSL solution through our private network, this means that we apply a pubic IP range centrally and route this to each customer. Every customer therefore receives a range of public IP addresses that are not tied to any of the individual ADSL lines coming into their building. Each bonded ADSL customer receives multiple ADSL routers (one per line) and a bonding device, simply plug the pre-configured routers into the bonding device, and the bonding device gives a single Ethernet presentation to the LAN. This set up means a single network cable to your firewall, which uses the bonding device as its default gateway. All the bonding is done through managed hardware and the network, your firewall sees only a single internet pipe. You can therefore be assured that you can source your firewall without worrying if it will be suitable for your bonded ADSL solution. Of course, the CIM-VCF technical team are on hand at all times and will be happy to advise if you have any questions.

I have been let down by my supplier, how quickly could you have a bonded ADSL solution up and running?

We can move quickly to help out company€™s left in the lurch by their incumbent suppler. We are supplying an increasing number of bonded ADSL solutions to organisations who have been let down by companies purporting to offer bonded ADSL, or bonded ADSL 2+ solutions, only to pull out of the supply agreement at the final hour. If you have PSTN lines in place we can migrate you to our bonded ADSL platform within 36 hours, sometimes in a little as 24 hours. If you are currently in a contract with an alternative ISP then you should be able to get a MAC code, this should be straight forward, as your ISP has a legal obligation to supply you with a MAC upon request. As soon as you supply us with a MAC code we can have your ADSL links migrate to us and have your bonded ADSL in place within 24 hours. Whatever your particular situation, CIM-VCF will be able to get a bonded ADSL solution up and running in the shortest timeframes possible. Of course, as a bonded ADSL customer of CIM-VCF, you will now benefit from the industry€™s most advanced management portal €“ allowing you to monitor the status and throughput of your bonded ADSL links in real time €“ as well as a bonded ADSL solution that is established and trusted by the most demanding users in the UK. At CIM-VCF we believe that there are two types of bonded ADSL solution, cheap bonded ADSL and good bonded ADSL. We supply bonded ADSL that is trusted by global companies and the most demanding users in the marketplace. With something as important as your internet connectivity, trust CIM-VCF to supply and manage your bonded ADSL.

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