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    Frequently Asked Questions About Bonded ADSL

Is your Enterprise Management Portal available for Managed VPN customers?

Yes it is, all CIM-VCF customers have access to our Enterprise Management Portal. Our customers€™ networks cover the spectrum from single bonded ADSL solutions at one site, through single ADSL or bonded ADSL links at multiple sites and on to customers with a fully managed VPN solution linking multiple sites with bonded and single ADSL connectivity. All customers can monitor their network status and performance at all times, through the Enterprise Management Portal, delivering exceptional visibility and situational awareness. A high proportion of our managed VPN customers have managed networks built on bonded ADSL, where the key constraining factor is obviously the upload. The transparency afforded by the Enterprise Management Portal allows for critical capacity planning to be conducted in a timely and efficient manner, as well as aiding the diagnostic process in the event of any issues. So whether you have a single bonded ADSL or a complex managed VPN across many sites, you can be sure that the industry leading Enterprise Management Portal is available to you at all times.

What sort of ping speeds (latency) can I expect from a bonded ADSL site to site VPN?

Mass market bonded ADSL solutions can suffer from latency. Bonded ADSL from CIM-VCF is engineered in a fundamentally different way, to minimise latency over every bonded connection. Managed VPN solutions are routed via our private UK wide network, giving us end to end control and the ability to scale network capacity to ensure uncontended core infrastructure to deliver very low latency point to point connections. Latency, like the overall speed of ADSL lines, depends on a few factors, including location and distance from the exchange, and quality of the lines. The vast majority of customers with a site to site VPN across an CIM-VCF bonded ADSL Max or bonded SDSL connection will see ping speeds less than 50ms between the sites. It can be as low as 25ms, but either way, the connection will be able to handle anything thrown at it! Even VoIP and video streaming will be high quality and reliable at sub 100ms speeds.

Can I monitor my traffic if I have a bonded ADSL Managed VPN solution from CIM-VCF?

Absolutely, all our bonded ADSL managed VPN solutions come with access to our unique eView Live application. This allows you to monitor and build bespoke reports about your use of each bonded ADSL link within your managed VPN solution. This gives both us and our customers the ability to ensure that every managed VPN solution we supply is operating at maximum efficiency all the time. In addition to providing snap shot visibility of the status of every bonded ADSL connection and VPN tunnel within the total solution, all customers can see live data flows through the managed VPN. This allows for capacity utilisation over all bonded ADSL VPN links to be monitored and reported on. This delivers an environment in which just in time capacity planning is a reality, giving CIM-VCF customers the confidence that their bonded ADSL capacity can be scaled when needed - and only when needed - and in direct response to network traffic over the managed VPN. If you are considering a bonded ADSL managed VPN, speak to CIM-VCF and see a demo of the eView Live application before making your purchasing decision.

Can I use bonded ADSL or load balanced ADSL as part of a managed VPN solution?

Managed VPN solutions from CIM-VCF route site to site data through a private UK wide multi gigabit network. The tails provided to each site can be either single business broadband links, bonded or load balanced sites, depending on the needs of each site. There is no restriction on either the number of sites that can be connected, or the differing types of connectivity that can be employed at each site. In large teleworker VPN solutions, for example, it is common to have load balanced SDSL links forming the central point, in order to give the high capacity upload performance needed to allow numerous simultaneous connections. If your business needs to share large files, then bonded connectivity can be used at each site, forming a high capacity and cost effective alternative to a point to point leased line.

Can I restrict internet access for my users if I have a managed VPN?

Yes, managed VPN solutions can be provided with or without bonded connectivity at each site, or indeed with a mix of bonded and single links at your sites. With a managed VPN solution from CIM-VCF, all site to site data is routed through the private CIM-VCF core, internet access at each site can be made available (or not) through routing changes in the network. If you want to ensure that only site to site data is available, and not internet access for users on any particular site that is no problem. If you want to make the internet available to users within the managed VPN then we can turn it on, very simply and at no extra charge! The majority of our managed VPN clients take advantage of the resilience and speed improvements made possible through the provision of bonded ADSL, bonded SDSL or a mix of bonded xDSL technologies at their sites. A managed VPN built on bonded ADSL in this way delivers secure, resilient point to point connectivity and fast internet access for users on each site.

Is Internet access included in the price of a point to point bonded ADSL link?

Yes. The great advantage of using bonded ADSL at multiple sites to deliver a point to point connection is that you get the advantage of huge download capacity at both sites. With a typical point to point leased line you need to source an alternative Internet connection, either at both sites or you need to route Internet traffic through the point to point link, eating into the bandwidth available for other applications. With a bonded ADSL point to point connection from CIM-VCF, you get the speed and resilience that comes as standard with our bonded ADSL solutions. However, the point to point traffic will only utilise the upload capacity of the bonded ADSL solutions at each site. Without compromising the security at either site, it is possible to route Internet traffic through the core network, taking advantage of the massive download capacity that comes with our bonded ADSL solutions. So, in addition to the cost savings of bonded ADSL versus a traditional point to point leased line, with a bonded ADSL point to point connection you can cancel that Internet leased line as well!

Are there any hidden charges if I sign up for a managed VPN solution?

No, all "Moves, Adds & Changes" are included in the price of the managed VPN solution. Also included is ongoing maintenance and monitoring. In addition we work with all our managed VPN clients to ensure that each managed VPN is working at optimum performance levels. This means monitoring data throughput across the VPN and employing bandwidth management tools such as traffic shaping across the links. With managed VPN solutions from CIM-VCF you really do get a managed service.

Can you provide managed VPN solutions that incorporate overseas offices?

We are able to provide managed VPN solutions to locations anywhere in the world. However, only sites in the UK will be routed through our private network. If your business has offices or remote workers abroad, they can be integrated into the managed VPN either through the shipping of a preconfigured hardware VPN device, or a VPN client to the overseas location. In this way it is possible to enjoy the benefits of a managed VPN solution from CIM-VCF with a mix of managed connectivity and overseas sites. Each managed VPN solution is different and is tailored to the unique needs of each client.

Can you manage my home worker connections and bonded ADSL for my offices as part of the same managed VPN?

Yes, bonded ADSL managed VPNs from CIM-VCF can incorporate your main and branch offices as well as your home / tele-worker connections. Our private UK wide network is used to deliver both bonded ADSL connections and single ADSL links. There are a number of advantages of this private network delivery model. In addition to the security benefits of having all your sites behind our carrier grade central firewalls, all site to site data is routed through our network rather than across the public internet. All sites, whether offices with bonded ADSL, or a tele-worker estate of several hundred private ADSL connections come with inclusive access to our Enterprise Management Portal. All connections are secure, fast, private and delivered with total transparency. If the thought of having immediate access to the status of every connection in your network, with live bandwidth throughput status is appealing, speak to CIM-VCF today for a live demo.

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