• What is an Evolving Network

    Flexing and scaling to meet your needs, responding immediately & seamlessly to newly available tail technology. It's the only internet connection your business will ever need.

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Future Proof Resilient Bonded Connectivity from CIM-VCF

The communications landscape never stands still. You need an internet connection that moves with the times, one that flexes and scales with your business, a connection that is future proof, in short you need an Evolving Network.

When you buy a bonded ADSL service from CIM-VCF you are future proofing your business. We commit to upgrading all our customers bonded ADSL connections to take advantage of the fastest ADSL products available at your Exchange.

This means that you can start enjoying the faster speeds and increased resilience of bonded ADSL now, safe in the knowledge that should ADSL2+ or FTTC (Fibre ADSL, what BT is calling “Infinity” for their residential offering) come to town, your bonded ADSL solution will be upgraded to harness the increased speeds.

Flexible, Resilient Internet Connectivity

Businesses change, and internet connectivity requirements shift. Perhaps you are opening a new site, relocating or moving to cloud based systems. Whatever your business needs from its internet connection, your resilient CIM-VCF bonded ADSL or bonded internet connection can move, flex or change to meet your needs. EFM or Ethernet capacity can be spliced into a bonded ADSL connection to increase resilience or upload capacity without the need to change any IP settings or manage any downtime.

Take advantage of the increased speeds and reliability delivered by CIM-VCF today, safe in the knowledge that tomorrow’s needs will be catered for.

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