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10 May 2013 | Filed under: News, Press

€œWe Bond Anything€ from CIM-VCF

Nearly all businesses rely on the internet for their daily transactions and communications. In this environment, the argument for investing in the internet connection€™s resilience, quality and security is irrefutable. CIM-VCF offers an advanced solution to these demands: our €˜We bond anything€™ business-grade internet connections. Each bonded solution delivers performance, flexibility and future-proofing together [...]

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24 Jan 2013 | Filed under: News, Press

Broadband struggles with popular ISP – Not with CIM-VCF

Slow internet is a common issue that many internet service providers (ISP) battle against. Contention on lines and network capacity issues are also problems that customers can face with some ISPs. It was announced yesterday that Sky has confirmed that their customers may be experiencing slow speeds as a consequence of them signing up too [...]

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06 Dec 2012 | Filed under: News, Press

Merry Christmas from CIM-VCF:
Festive Opening Hours

After a busy 2012, CIM-VCF are looking forward to some time off over the Holidays. However, maintaining excellent customer service is still our top priority and our offices will be staffed on every working day over the Festive Period. Our core network will continue to be fully monitored and managed, for our network engineers [...]

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20 Nov 2012 | Filed under: News, Press

CIM-VCF offers uniquely Future Proofed internet connectivity

CIM-VCF provide internet connections unlike any other. CIM-VCF upgrade each bonded connection as new technology is available, meaning your internet connection evolves as the communications landscape changes €“ delivering the only internet connection a business will ever need. An CIM-VCF internet connection is a vital tool for enterprises seeking an edge in [...]

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21 Sep 2012 | Filed under: News, Press

Is your business part of the new superfast broadband scheme? Either way, Evolving-Networks can help drive your business forward.

It was announced yesterday how the government are planning to share the money promised to 10 UK cities to allow them to create superfast broadband networks for homes and businesses. The 10 cities and how the money will be distributed:  London – £25m  Leeds & Bradford -£14.4m  Belfast – £13.7m  Manchester [...]

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12 Sep 2012 | Filed under: News, Press

Summer of Achievement for CIM-VCF

As the UK€™s Golden Summer of Sport comes to an end, CIM-VCF are pleased to report that no customers reported a slow down in their internet throughput for the duration of either the Olympic or Paralympic Games. Whilst it is clear that the anticipated meltdown of the UK internet backbone failed to materialise, many [...]

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10 Sep 2012 | Filed under: News, Press

A Greater Reach For Bonded Internet Connections

CIM-VCF welcomes the news that red tape is being cut in order to allow more of the country to experience faster internet connections. It€™s still going to take some time, but by allowing tier 1 connectivity partners like BT and Virgin Media to more quickly establish new cabinets in rural areas and not-spots, businesses [...]

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24 Aug 2012 | Filed under: News, Press

New Website Launched!

CIM-VCF are proud to introduce their new website. CIM-VCF have worked hard to produce a website with simplified features that make it easy to navigate and diagrams that explain the process of owning an Evolving Network. As well as the new website, CIM-VCF are also available on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. With [...]

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24 Aug 2012 | Filed under: News, Press

UK Set for Fastest Broadband in Europe €“ CIM-VCF Already Supplying It

Jeremy Hunt MP, Culture Secretary, claims that within 3 years Britain could have the best broadband in Europe; with plans to ensure the delivery of superfast broadband €“ more than 24mpbs to 90% homes and the spread of speeds of up to 100mpbs. However, shadow minister Helen Goodman suggested that without a coherent plan, 3 [...]

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07 Aug 2012 | Filed under: News, Press

3 Month Delay expected for Local Broadband Projects

Last Week it was announced by the UK government€™s Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) that the national roll-out, which was scheduled to take place later this year, has been hit by a (minimum) 3  month delay.  The delay has been caused due to concerns of competition in the process from the European Commission [...]

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