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24 Jan 2013

Broadband struggles with popular ISP – Not with CIM-VCF

Slow internet is a common issue that many internet service providers (ISP) battle against. Contention on lines and network capacity issues are also problems that customers can face with some ISPs.

It was announced yesterday that Sky has confirmed that their customers may be experiencing slow speeds as a consequence of them signing up too many new subscribers.

Sky promotes that they provide €œunlimited broadband€ that has no usage cap. Customers expect to be able to use their service at all times, but yet again an ISP has fallen to contention and network capacity issues.

The contention on the lines means that customers are unable to download at speeds that are essential for the use of their connection. All that Sky has been able to do is work on increasing their capacity; how long it takes is dependent on how much extra network capacity is actually needed. A bit late as it should have been increased as new subscribers joined their network.

Sky may be growing, but so are we. Our rapid growth has meant that we, unlike Sky, have increased our network capacity as we welcome new customers to our bonded internet solutions. As a result, our customers€™ service remains reliable and resilient. By doing this we are able to avoid exactly the issue that SKY has fallen into.

In addition to providing leading edge bonded internet connections, CIM-VCF deliver the most advanced network monitoring system as standard to all their customers. With eView Live, you can monitor real time throughput, giving you complete transparency of your bonded ADSL connections€™ performance. eView Live also persistently monitors the health of your business internet connection, ensuring your bonded ADSL service is operating at maximum efficiency. Working alongside all this is our UK based Incredible Support team, available for all your bonded internet technical needs.

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