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21 Sep 2012

Is your business part of the new superfast broadband scheme? Either way, Evolving-Networks can help drive your business forward.

It was announced yesterday how the government are planning to share the money promised to 10 UK cities to allow them to create superfast broadband networks for homes and businesses.

The 10 cities and how the money will be distributed:
 London – £25m
 Leeds & Bradford -£14.4m
 Belfast – £13.7m
 Manchester – £12m
 Bristol – £11.3m
 Cardiff – £11m
 Edinburgh – £10.7m
 Birmingham €“ £10m
 Newcastle – £6m

New culture secretary Maria Miller has said that the chosen cities €œproduced comprehensive plans, which will turn them into digital leaders, and give their local economies a real boost€. This is a plan targeted to have superfast broadband for 90% of premises by 2015.
However, this is not a new announcement, Shadow Minister for Media and Telecoms, Helen Goodman said €œthis is the government disguising its failure to roll out universal broadband by making yet another re-announcement about the super connected cities programme€.

Whether or not your business is located within the rollout cities or elsewhere, or if you don€™t trust when the superfast broadband rollout will reach you, don€™t fret. At CIM-VCF we specialise in providing resilient, bonded internet connectivity. We bond internet lines such as ADSL, EFM and Ethernet, to increase bandwidth and deliver an uncapped, uncontended resilient connection to businesses throughout the UK.

In addition to providing leading edge bonded internet connections, CIM-VCF deliver the most advanced network monitoring system as standard to all their customers. With eView Live, you can monitor real time throughput, giving you complete transparency of your bonded ADSL connections€™ performance. eView Live also persistently monitors the health of your business internet connection, ensuring your bonded ADSL service is operating at maximum efficiency. Working alongside all this is our UK based Incredible Support team, available for all your bonded internet technical needs.

Call us now for a quote or email us at sales@cimvcf.org.uk

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