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    CIM-VCF supply Bonded ADSL and resilient Bonded FTTC, EFM & Ethernet connectivity to businesses throughout the UK.

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Bonded ADSL for charities

CIM-VCF are a specialist provider of fully managed bonded ADSL solutions and have a track record of providing industrial strength bonded solutions to global and local charities.

With tight financial constraints charities present a unique challenge to management and supplier alike.  Nonetheless, data flow and sharing is just as important as in any commercial or public sector organisation.  CIM-VCF recognise the unique demands of delivering measurable return on all technology investment, and our bonded ADSL solutions are delivering exactly this for UK based charities right now.

Generally with distributed work force, be it branch locations or home workers, charities need to be able to serve both internal and external customers.  High speed, reliable internet access is not just for the commercial sector, bonded ADSL solutions from CIM-VCF deliver fast, reliable and resilient internet connections throughout the UK.

Support your on site workers with bonded ADSL solutions to deliver ultra fast internet and email download speeds.  Enable your VPN through the increased upload capacity delivered by bonded ADSL solutions.  Empower home workers through a private managed teleworker VPN solution from CIM-VCF.

At all times, bonded ADSL solutions from CIM-VCF deliver complete transparency meaning that network status and performance stats are always available.

Get in touch to discover the difference bonded ADSL from CIM-VCF can make to your organisation, or call 01603 813787 to speak to us.

Case Studies

“Finally a speed that lets you do business” – I.T Manager: Whiteley Village

Whiteley Village recently took advantage of the Free Fibre Upgrade service.
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