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    CIM-VCF supply Bonded ADSL and resilient Bonded FTTC, EFM & Ethernet connectivity to businesses throughout the UK.

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  • Bonded FTTC & ADSL is a powerful pairing. Cross-platform resilience & the superior bandwidth = a business class bonded internet connection.

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Industrial strength bonded ADSL

CIM-VCF work with engineering companies to help them manage their data requirements through the delivery and management of industrial strength bonded ADSL solutions across the UK.

The successful management and delivery of large, often complex, projects depends upon good communications.  This applies at all levels, but the ability to transmit large files (including CAD documents, mapping or other graphically heavy formats) quickly and at all times is crucial.

Bonded ADSL from CIM-VCF is helping engineering firms stay connected through the delivery of high bandwidth resilient bonded solutions.

In addition to taking advantage of bonded ADSL from CIM-VCF, engineering companies often need to stay connected through the project delivery phase.  This requires the delivery of communications solutions on a short term basis, usually to semi-permanent offices on site.  CIM-VCF has a full range of bonded or single broadband solutions available to allow engineering companies to share data throughout their entire network.

Get in touch to discuss your specific requirements, or call 01603 813787 and find out how we can tailor a bonded ADSL environment to meet your needs.

Case Studies

Survival Craft Inspectorate

Survival Craft Inspectorate took full advantage of the opportunity to bond multiple technologies with cross carrier diversity

To view the Survival Craft Inspectorate Case Study, Click Here


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