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    CIM-VCF supply Bonded ADSL and resilient Bonded FTTC, EFM & Ethernet connectivity to businesses throughout the UK.

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Bonded ADSL Max for the design industry

Our Bonded ADSL Max solutions give our clients in the Graphic Arts industries the ability to both upload and download large files quickly and reliably.

Customer service is critical in every industry, but CIM-VCF understand the unique demands of the Graphic Design industries and the time, effort and focus that go into the wining and developing of customer relationships in this most competitive of market sectors.

We understand that large files need to be transferred quickly, that continuity and reliability of internet connectivity is absolutely crucial to the ability of design and marketing businesses to serve their customers.

Bonded ADSL solutions from CIM-VCF deliver multiple private ADSL tails into a customer€™s site, through the backhauling of data via our private network with resilient connectivity at all stages, allows for large files to be transferred at speeds far in advance of those available on standard connectivity.

The application of a public IP range, at the data centre, with a public range routed through the network means that bonded ADSL from CIM-VCF is both fast and ultra reliable.  That€™s why we offer the full transparency of the industry€™s most advanced control panel and the peace of mind of 99.9% Service Level Agreement.

Find out how bonded ADSL from CIM-VCF can change your business, or call 01603 813787 to speak to the experts.

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