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    CIM-VCF supply Bonded ADSL and resilient Bonded FTTC, EFM & Ethernet connectivity to businesses throughout the UK.

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  • Bonded FTTC & ADSL is a powerful pairing. Cross-platform resilience & the superior bandwidth = a business class bonded internet connection.

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Reliable communication with bonded ADSL

In the world of software development, our bonded ADSL solutions help our customers deal with large files, suppliers, customers and other partners across the globe every day.

The ability to be on line at all times is crucial, whether it be to support a customer€™s site remotely, upload new code to a website or other online development server, or perform essential research.

When it comes time to release day, you need to be able to send and receive large files and communicate with complex databases.  Bonded ADSL from CIM-VCF allows our customers in the software development industry to stay connected at all times, ensuring they can get on with what they do best: create and innovate.

Combining the speed of ADSL and SDSL lines by seamlessly bonding them together, means you can achieve much faster upload and download speeds €“ perfect for communicating with online data stores and code repositories.

Because bonded ADSL from CIM-VCF is a fully managed service, you don€™t need to worry about how it works, just that it does.  And our online Enterprise Monitoring platform will give you peace of mind and essential stats.  Check the status of your connection 24/7, and track your usage so you can identify patterns, and plan future upgrades in the knowledge that you have complete control of your connection.

As a software developer, you need to rely on your internet connection.  So leave the connectivity to CIM-VCF, and we will provide you with bonded ADSL and bonded SDSL circuits with guaranteed uptime, essential resiliency, and full transparency.

Get in touch with CIM-VCF, the bonded ADSL experts today, or call 01603 813787.

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